Galaxy S3 impressions

I watched the event online from There was still some stream after the main event.

From the hardware and design the phone is not ground breaking.  The device is more like improved galaxy nexus from hw point, and some software improvements (also Siri like feature).

For design department, Nature is selected for overall design; in my opinion it sounds interesting.

Aside from hardware and software, I loved how Samsung handled the event in a professional way. Samsung UK put great effort and I enjoyed the whole events. Remember 4S? the device is not wonderful but the marketing made it sell like crazy. Samsung follows similar strategy.

I suggest everybody watch the event, which shows marketing is an essential is important. As for we guys who come engineering underestimates the business side, this event shows a good way of seeing things differently.

Well, even there is an application:

As a side note, other companies follows in Apple, nearly all directions; Sammy takes clues from marketing, HTC simples its own model fragmentation into distinct phones. Yet there is harsh rivallary in the market.


Note: There is a replay of the Event from official samsung site, but I could not find the link at the moment.

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